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Fraunhofer-Institut Medienkommunikation

The Institute for Media Communication IMK conducts research and development in all facets of new media, including content design, production, distribution and interaction. The goals of the institute are to expand the opportunities available for the implementation of new media while exploring their creative and social potential, developing and testing innovative solutions and prototypes, and opening up new fields of application. Integrated in the international scientific community, the Fraunhofer IMK research groups focus their work on the development of groundbreaking innovations.

Strategic cooperations with widely acclaimed national and international Universities ensure a high degree of both scientific quality and relevance to future requirements. In collaboration with partners and customers from industry, business, culture and education, the Fraunhofer IMK implements its scientific expertise in complete solutions and prototypes that are designed to meet users´ specific problems and market demands.

The institute employs a staff of around 120, including IT specialists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, biologists and geologists, who work here in international, multidisciplinary teams alongside media specialists and designers, as well as experts in law, economics and arts and humanities from over 15 countries.

IThe Fraunhofer IMK´s laboratories are equipped with high-end technologies, such as a virtual environment laboratory with CAVE™, a responsive workbench and i-CONE™ panorama display, as well as a professional virtual studio. Key topics at the institute include virtual environments, interactive TV, interface technologies, digital storytelling, management of multimedia contents, web-based solutions and knowledge management.


Fraunhofer-Institut Medienkommunikation

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