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Gebrüder Martin GmbH & Co. KG

KLS Martin Group - Surgical Innovation Is Our Passion

The Group and its claim

KLS Martin is a medium-sized group of companies with a readiness to innovate and invest, based on a clear growth strategy. We offer more than marketable products. We develop comprehensive medical-technical problem solutions with a high practical relevance because they have been implemented in close collaboration with the users. The result are products and systems that impress with a high innovation level and differentiate themselves from the competition by significant USPs (unique selling propositions). They benefit the surgeon, the medical staff and the patients alike because they serve health and its restoration.

The Group and its companies

  • Gebrüder Martin
  • Rudolf Buck
  • Karl Leibinger
  • KLS Martin USA
  • KLS Martin Germany
  • Stuckenbrock
  • Orthosurgical Implant Inc. (OII) USA

    The Group and its foundation

    Back in 1923, the Gebrüder Martin sales company was founded under the pressure of the global economic crisis. Germany was in the grip of inflation and money that did not lose its value could only be earned abroad. As a certain business size was necessary to operate successfully abroad, seven Tuttlingen competitors decided to join forces.

    The Group and its specialized sales partners

    KLS Martin earns about 75 percent of its proceeds in foreign markets, roughly two thirds of this share in Europe. The Group is represented in the USA, Japan, Italy, France and the Netherlands, either by its own subsidiaries or by partner companies. The Tuttlingen Logistics Center serves specialized dealers in over 100 countries of the world. The Center boasts 50,000 storage locations. More than 2,000 order items are processed day after day at a service level of 95 percent.

    The Group and its products

    With its comprehensive, user-oriented product portfolio, KLS Martin sees itself as partner of all the people working in the operating room and the central sterile supply department. Our product range comprises more than 13,000 instruments and units, plus surgical and comprehensive services. The name of KLS Martin stands for top-quality and innovative medical technology. Our special strengths include maxillary, hand and HF surgery and operating lights. Many of our innovative developments give us a leading position in a number of market segments. The secret behind this success are top achievements at any level, from our own research and development (R&D) through production based on highly advanced manufacturing techniques, thus guaranteeing maximum quality and functionality, to the internationally operating sales organization. Above all, however, the success of our products is due to the fact that they are “made in Germany”.

    The Group and its quality management

    At KLS Martin, a comprehensive quality system regulates and controls all processes, from product development to customer complaints. The system fully complies with the DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001 international standards and the European medical device legislation. National regulations – such as those of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Canadian legislation – have been fully integrated as well. Besides, KLS Martin has been operating its own high-tech lab for years, which provides check analyses and performs and documents investigations. Where needed, we do not hesitate to cooperate with well-known institutes as partners. In this way, all materials and products are put to the acid test prior to placing them on the market. Either through our in-house lab capable of simulating even the most extreme processing conditions. Or through our application engineers, who carry out qualified on-site investigations on the customer’s premises.

    The Group and its employees

    KLS Martin employs over 700 people worldwide, 180 of them in its sales organization and more than 40 in R&D. Some of them are highly qualified specialists, depending on the field of activity. All of them are ready to give their best, actively supported by their employer, in order to live up to the high demands. Just as international as the Group are its multicultural employees, used to communicating with each other in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian as the main languages.

    The Group and its training opportunities

    KLS Martin offers qualified occupational training and interesting prospects to active young people who are eager to learn and determined to pursue a professional career, either in a technical or commercial field. Our apprentices and trainees are valued highly because we know that their knowledge, skills and qualifications are indispensable for us to secure our competitiveness on the international markets of the future. Therefore, we are glad to take on the task of offering people opportunities for responsible work and safe jobs.

    The Group and its events

    Every year, KLS Martin participates in over 200 trade fairs and events all around the world, many of them even organized by us. A list of the most important events is regularly published on our website at:


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