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assyst Gesellschaft für Automatisierung Software und Systeme mbH

About us:

assyst/bullmer develops & deploys CAD/CAM/PDM software, systems, machinery ,solutions and services for the industries processing textiles , a.k.a. Soft Goods Industries (apparel, upholstery, transportation interior, luggage, technical textiles and other textile products such as inflatables, aerospace- , medical- , outdoor-industries) . Since the increasing usage of technical textiles and fiber reinforced materials in all areas of the industry, assyst/bullmer have concentrated their expertise of processing textile materials into a Technical Textiles Solutions business unit. We provide our customers with the tools to stay ahead and competitive in an ever more challenging market environment, in particular with the following integrated product line:
  • A new MS-Windows based CAD product: cad.assyst , for automatic flat pattern engineering, nesting and postprocessing for later cutting , combining a low entry level price with an unmatched performance through smart.pattern (TM) technology.

  • Significant cost savings for the Soft Goods Industries are offered by the company´s web services , including the first On-Demand flat pattern nesting solution specifically targeted to replace repetitive manufacturing processes, realize material savings of minimally 3% and directly link the globally dispersed participants in the supply chain.

  • For the manufacturing sites, assyst/bullmer offers a complete line of automatic material spreaders for all types of materials and all kinds of manufacturing needs.

  • The line of flatbed cutters starts with Premiumcut, a low ply flatbed cutter with a modular tool changing system for the widest variety of technical and conventional textile , woven and non-woven materials. Available tools are pneumatic and electrical reciprocating knife tools, a drag knife tool, powered and unpowered rotary blades, ultrasonic knife , a high frequency welding tool, a grinding tool for roughing up glue seams, punching tools for slits or other form punches and a suction device for removal of cutting debris.

  • The Turbocut and Procut high ply cutters are suited to cut material stacks of 2,5 cm or 7,5 cm compressed under vacuum. The Sirius 1000 cutter allows even cutting stacks of up to 10cm compressed under vacuum. All cutters are equipped with a conveyorized cutting surface made of bristle tiles which allows the knife to easily penetrate the surface and generate a clean cut.

  • Our strength is the capability to respond to customers individual requirements instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. All spreaders can be manufactured for fabric widths up to 4 m, while cutters can be manufactured up to a working width of 4 m and a cutting bed length of up to 12 m conveyorized and of unlimited length for a static cutting table.

  • In addition assyst/bullmer provides a complete set of solutions for material handling, roll stacks, buffers and handling devices and robots , all suited to move and feed material to and from cutting machines so as to keep them cutting continuously and allow a smoothly revolving manufacturing operation.

  • All products are supported by a worlwide network of offices, distributors , agents and service engineers. assyst has been founded as service company, we live SERVICE daily.

  • The company has 320 employees, annual revenues of > 40 Mio. € , 7000 active customers in ~ 50 countries and is in business more than 20 years. Famous customers are Airbus, EADS, Eurocopter, Hugo Boss, Escada, Max Mara, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Faurecia, Johnson Controls


assyst Gesellschaft für Automatisierung Software und Systeme mbH
Zweigniederlassung Mehrstetten Heutal 7 D
72537 Mehrstetten
Tel: +49 7381 183-0
Fax: +49 7381 183-302

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