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Chemical Computing Group Inc.


High Throughput Discovery

The automation of physical experiments by High Throughput Screening and Combinatorial Chemistry have opened the door to the scale-up of the discovery cycle. CCG offers unique and powerful technology for screening collection management, HTS data analysis and focused combinatorial library design.

Protein Modeling and 3D Bioinformatics

CCG’s suite of Protein Modeling and 3D Bioinformatics applications is the most advanced in the industry and contains techniques not available in any other system. From an amino-acid sequence, CCG technology identifies related proteins, determines structural alignments, and builds high quality 3D atomic models.

Molecular Modeling and Simulation

Molecular Modeling involves the application of statistical techniques, theoretical chemistry and physics to the interpretation and prediction of chemical and biological properties. CCG technology is used to predict static and dynamic properties from atomic simulation.

Methodology Development and Deployment

CCG products are built in the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE), a unique and flexible software system designed specifically for molecular computing. MOE has a cross-platform open architecture making it ideal for custom methodology development and corporate deployment.

Business Activities

Software Research and Development

CCG maintains a permanent highly qualified multi-disciplinary team of researchers. Their goals are to develop CCG’s base technology, discover and implement new scientific methodology and apply CCG technology to key industrial problems.

Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Support

CCG licenses its technology internationally. In North America and Europe, CCG conducts on-site demonstrations and training while in Japan, sales and marketing is conducted by Ryoka Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

Collaborative Projects

CCG collaborates with customers to develop special software, apply technology in a custom manner, and develop new methods for special discovery situations. These collaborative projects generally result in new or improved products for CCG or, in some circumstances, remain exclusively with one customer.


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