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FP_500_04 à DESKO FP 500
Full Page ePassport Scanner
BMOSe_5200_04 à DESKO BMOS 5200e
Keyboard Integrated ePassport Reader
MPR_7200e_03 à DESKO MPR 7200e
Stand Alone ePassport Reader
Flatbed Scanner for Mobile Ticketing Application
GRSK_502_02 à DESKO GRSK 502
Versatile Gate Reader Solution Kit


DESKO designs and manufactures hard- and software solutions for the automated data entry of e.g. OCR documents (passports, ID cards and cheques), RFID chips (e-passport), magnetic stripe documents (tickets, debit-cards and credit-cards), bar code documents (1D and 2D barcodes on paper and mobile phones – mobile ticketing) and smart cards. DESKO solutions are used worldwide in the following areas:

- e-Passport and ID Verification
- Travel and Security Solutions
- Banking Solutions
- Payment Solutions

DESKO offers complete solutions as well as OEM packages.

DESKO security application examples:

  • Passport issuance and verification: Upon collecting the new e-passport, the DESKO RFID-Pass-Viewer is used to display and verify the correctness of personalized data.
  • Immigration and Security: DESKO passport reader technology is used to process thousands of travellers every day with passport reading and verification equipment.
  • High Security Access Control: High security facilities such as penitentiaries, nuclear power plants, and many other rely on DESKO passport and ID reader technology to verify, register and track the flow of visitors.

DESKO solutions ... whatever the application is, we are eager to discuss your requirements and objectives.



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