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OptoNet Jena

Network Profile

OptoNet is a Jena-based competence network to unite performers in the middle and South of Germany with special regional focus on Thuringia. It provides strong links to the German Federal States of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hessia, Lower Saxony and Saxony.

In its core part, OptoNet represents the traditional industry and science landscape of Jena with a multitude of established educational and research institutions which have an excellent potential for cooperating with supraregional partners in the field of optical technologies. Major firms and a number of newly founded medium-size companies alike employ leading edge technologies to manufacture opto-electronic components and systems.

This is where more than sixty performers of companies, universities, colleges, reasearch institutions, banks, communities and regional facilities have already teamed up in order to get actively involved in the development of optical technologies on a national and international scale, thus, making their contribution to safeguarding and developing our future.

The network’s core region features a turnover of one million DM with a workforce of 6,000 employed in the area of optical technologies.

To implement their prioritary goals, the OptoNet performers have decided to create a self-supporting institution under the joint leadership of representatives from the industry, from science and education. OptoNet addresses the following fields of activity:

  • Training and further education
  • Research and development
  • Enhancement of technology and manufacturing skills
  • Encouraging new business and helping with company setups.

OptoNet provides an institutional platform for the networking of performers in theses spheres of activity. Networks of this kind are intended to promote training and further education programs in accordance with actual requirements. This is achieved by the creation of new training occupations and study courses as well as the setting up of partnerships between designers, system manufacturers and component manufacturers.

Another worktask of OptoNet is to develop guiding visions of strategic importance for all partners to serve as input for defining focal topics of a target-oriented approach to applied research. In addition, OptoNet supports such technology marketing efforts which aim to strengthen the presence and sales performance of mainly small enterprises in the global market.

Performer competencies include the following topical areas:

  • Fundamental research on optical technologies
  • Optical surfaces and coatings
  • Manufacturing and replication techniques
  • Optical information and metrology engineering
  • Optical system design
  • Biophotonics
  • Training and further education


OptoNet Jena

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