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Kompetenzzentrum für Miniaturisierte Monitoring- und Interventionssysteme

Network Profile

The Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT in St. Ingbert and the company Laser- und Medizin-Technologie GmbH Berlin (LMTB) form the Competence Centre for Miniaturised Monitoring and Interventional Systems (MOTIV) active in the regions Berlin/Brandenburg and Saarland/Saarpfalz. The wide technological base of MOTIV, which combines miniaturisation techniques and telematics with classical technologies for medical engineering like ultrasound or laser, entails a high innovation potential and a sole characteristic on the market. This is reflected in the R&D projects carried out and in the services offered. The competences of MOTIV are summarised in two main branches, which are linked close in respect of content:

  • Miniaturised Systems
  • Telemetry and Telematics

MOTIV is a dual regional centre which links the federal state Saarland, at the moment in structural change, with the congested urban area of Berlin. Both institutions have long term experience in the field of biomedical engineering, covering a spectrum from research and development to device prototyping and services. The co-operation between LMTB and FhG- IBMT presents the following and unique advantages:

  • Complementary scientific-technical core competences in ultrasound techniques (IBMT) and laser technologies (LMTB).
  • Complementary scientific-technical core competence in clinical monitoring methods (LMTB) with communication structures and networks in out of clinical areas (IBMT).
  • System solution competence and integrated client’s support through a broad technologic potential.
  • Lacking expertise and resources can, when required, be integrated from the MOTIV network.
  • Client support on location starting from two branches in industrial and research regions for medical engineering.
  • “Distribution characteristic” of MOTIV, drawing the attention of existing clients on the services of the partner.
  • Access to the congested urban area for medical engineering of Berlin in order to gain project partners and to use patient collectives.
  • Access to an expanded spectrum of clinical partners with high competences in the regions of Berlin/Brandenburg and Saarland.

In addition to the enhanced technical competence, the dual-regional structure of the centre entails an evident advantage, in particular for the Saarland fraction of the competence centre. Through the connection to Berlin, the Saarland, recently in a structural change phase, acquires access to one of the big high density areas for medical engineering. Thus, many project partners and patient collectives of projects handled in St. Ingbert are located in Berlin. Because of its regional integration, MOTIV´s Berlin branche acts as an intermediary for such contacts.

Both federal states consider MOTIV as an important institution for the creation of a regional profile (Berlin) and for the promotion and restructuring of the location (Saarland).


Kompetenzzentrum für Miniaturisierte Monitoring- und Interventionssysteme

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