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As leading technology of the 21st century, nanotechnology will have strong impact on many aspects of our daily life. Modern chemical processing technologies allow shaping of materials on the level of nanometers, i.e. on the level of atoms and molecules. Hitherto well-known materials receive by this treatment new physical or chemical properties. Easy-to-clean surfaces, heat-resistant glass and heat- resistant ceramics are well-known examples of such new materials. Other fields of chemical nanotechnology comprise e.g. nanoparticles, biomolecular interactions, surface processes, chemical sensors, and neurochips.

The "Network of Competence for Nanotechnology: Functionality through Chemistry" (CC-NanoChem) was created by the German government in 1998 to coordinate various applications and activities in the field of chemical nanotechnology. It mediates communication through meetings and workshops, supports nanotechnology projects, promotes the founding of new companies and provides information to the public.



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