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NanoMat Karlsruhe

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NanoMat is a Supraregional Network for Nanotechnology Materials. The subject of nanotechnology research are materials or devices with a characteristic structure length scale in a range of less than 100 nanometers. A nanostructure of this type can be produced, e.g., by reducing to a few nanometers the crystallite size of polycrystals or the thickness of multilayer structures. The reduction gives rise to novel properties, which are highly attractive in a number of technical applications. Nanotechnology, with its high potential for innovation, stands a good chance of becoming one of the key technologies in the 21st century. For 2001, worldwide sales of nanobased products are expected to amount to DM 100 billion (Altmeyer, VDI-Nachrichten, March 10, 2000). At the present time, worldwide sales of products based on nanotechnology amount to DM 60 billion, and growth rates of approximately 10% are forecast.

NanoMat is a coordination by three research centers of the Helmholtz Associates, eleven universities with scientific and engineering disciplines, one Max Planck Institute, one Institute of Scientific Community Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, one Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, three institutes of the Fraunhofer Society, and four large industries, of their research projects on "the synthesis and study of nanostructured metals and ceramics and the functions resulting from their nanoscale nature".
Within the NanoMat network, the competences of the partners in cooperation are focused and combined so as to allow projects to be carried out in an interdisciplinary way and continuously, from precommercial research up to transfer into economically viable results.

The partners associated in this network have high scientific and technological capabilities. This is documented by the numerous prizes and scientific awards, such as one Nobel Prize, five Leibniz Awards and more than 40 other renowned scientific distinctions awarded by academies and scientific associations. In addition, the partners in NanoMat participate in a total of 71 patents and 19 licences as well as 88 current cooperation agreements with industry in the field of nanotechnology.


NanoMat Karlsruhe

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