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Kompetenzzentrum Ultrapräzise Oberflächenbearbeitung e. V.

Network Profile

The CC UPOB organises and supports the co-operation between large enterprises, small and medium-sized companies, university institutes and non-educational research laboratories in the field of ultra-precise surface treatment. The 48 member companies have joined forces in order to pool their scientific and technical know-how. It is their common goal to further develop possibilities of high-precision manufacture and metrological characterisation of technical surfaces.

Core Technologies:

- Mechanical/chemical Processing
- Ion Beam and Chemical Processing
- Optical Processing and Related Topics
- Metrological Characterisation of Surfaces

Supplementary and Generic Technologies:

- Optical and X-ray Optical Layers
- Ultraprecise 3D Structuring
- Nanopositioning and measurement


Kompetenzzentrum Ultrapräzise Oberflächenbearbeitung e. V.

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