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Kompetenzzentrum HörTech

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The Competence Center HörTech aspires to an extensive improvement of the system technology of hearing instruments. Therefore, the latest knowledge about the audiology of hearing disorders, digital procedures of signal processing for hearing instruments (software) and technological innovations of the hardware in order to improve products, the fitting as well as rehabilitation strategies, are developed.

Despite the great number of persons with hearing disorders and the significant consequences of this handicap in communicating the acceptance and the success, which can be achieved in the present treatment with hearing-aids is still very limited. A lot of the sold and fitted hearing instruments are not used or only in a very small extent ("drawer instruments").

The latest innovation in audiology and signal processing are in principle usable by the wide introduction of the digital technology of hearing-aids, however, this knowledge could not be implemented consequently up to now. The great specialization of work of each institute in research and production can be mentioned as a main reason for this. So, e.g. the increasing minimization makes it possible to get computer-controlled In-The-Ear instruments, nevertheless the software (algorithms) for an optimal use of these resources has to be as improved as the fitting to the individual patient and the assessment, in what way the patient profits by the innovative hearing technology.

Although numerous projects are carried out in the framework of bilateral cooperations, a sufficient feedback from the persons affected to the system developer of hearing technologies does not take part due to structural and methodical deficits. A concerted cooperation of all institutes involved in this process, from the basic research to the production up to the fitting of hearing-aids, is necessary to solve this innovation blockade. Therefore, national leading representatives of all professions and institutes, involved in research, development, production and marketing of hearing-aids are now coordinated in an association to develop the system technology of a future (hi-fi) hearing instrument and to assess, optimize and realize on a long-term basis the strategies regarding treatment and rehabilitation with hearing-aids also from a socio-economical point of view.


Kompetenzzentrum HörTech

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