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Ultradünne funktionale Schichten Sachsen

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Several international microelectronics companies have started enterprises in the Dresden area, which is the most striking manifestation of innovative and future-oriented industries setting up business in the east part of Germany. In this way the Dresden area has become the center of microelectronics in Germany, which increasingly attracts enterprises of the supplying industries. Also in the Dresden / Chemnitz area, a large variety of universities and R&D-institutes makes a fertile environment for innovation.

In view of this advantageous situation, a number of R&D institutes and enterprises have joined forces by establishing the Center of Excellence "Ultrathin Functional Films" in order to better make use of their experience. This experience is much diversified and essentially covers the whole range of nanotechnology, with ultra-thin functional layers and their various applications as a main subject. The envisaged novel applications are widely spread from the more "traditional" field of microelectronics to the rapidly developing overlap regions between physics, chemistry, biology, and medical sciences.

Establishing the Center of Excellence "Ultrathin Functional Films" intensifies and deepens the connections among the partners with the aim to unite the divers experience in order to launch F&D-projects in consensus between industry and science. The inclusion of experts of administration and financing in addition to those of science and technology is to pave the way for a smooth run from the very basic idea to industrial production, thus providing an environment that invites entrepreneurs in the field of nanotechnology and related fields.

As a long-term vision, the Center of Excellence "Ultrathin Functional Films" should make a synergetic effect that turns the greater Dresden area into a "Nano-Valley".


Ultradünne funktionale Schichten Sachsen
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