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Kunststoffinnovationszentrum Aachen

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In 1998 the German plastics and rubber industry obtained sales of 132.5 thousand millions DM with 362.500 employees. On the basis of a permanent increase in spreading of plastics this market will be subject to a steady growth. In the region of Aachen a worldwide unique concentration of plastics-know-how has been established. In reference to an annual sales of approximately 2.1 thousand millions DM in 1997 and about 8.000 employees the plastic branch is one of the most important in the region of Aachen; a potential, that will be intensively extended. "Plastic-Innovation-Centre Aachen":

  1. Four highly qualified institutes carrying out apart from foundation research practical orientated projects of sientific interest above all. Because of the scientific approach the institutes are not in direct competition with the companies participating on the free market, but they complement one another.
  2. An educational concept not only bringing forth technical experienced young people, but also supporting engineers (Technische Hochschule/University of Technoloy and Fachhochschule/technical college) and technical staff in the sphere of crafts by the ability and readiness to found own companies.
  3. A good extended and organised bilateral interchange of information between the institutes and the companies.
  4. At present about 20 highly qualified companies serving interesting market segments successfully have themselves organised in the INTRA e.V. in order to represent a direct contact as network of Aachen’s companies.

These companies are a part of the approximately 60 spin-off-companies of IKV. This organisation is completed by the mould and machine manufacturer dfm in Düren. The innovation centre for plastics offers mutual project revisions of industry and craft in cooperation with institutes of university, in which both the simulation and the practical convert can take place. Because of this network new methods, machines and materials are permenantly arising which will create further numerous high-tech-jobs (inter alia by establishing one’s livelihood).


Kunststoffinnovationszentrum Aachen

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