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At the heart of the digital revolution, the competitiveness cluster SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION gathers about 200 industrial, academic and institutional members from the Paris-Region who work in partnership on R&D projects related to four target markets: Telecoms, Security & Defence, Automotive & Transportation, System Design and Development Tools.

SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION aims at developing the economy, the companies’competitiveness and the employment thanks to innovation, training and partnerships.

SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION has three major goals:
  • To consolidate the leadership of large systems integrators and operators in order to secure the sustainability of their R&D activities in the Paris-Region
  • To develop economic activity and employment in the Paris-Region by encouraging the creation of start-ups and by attracting major companies R&D departments
  • To strengthen the attractiveness of the Paris-Region by developing its image on an international scale in the fields of designing, building and managing complex systems

Thanks to SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION, France becomes a world leader at the heart of the digital revolution.


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91120 Palaiseau - France
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SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION Press Kit August 2006 pdf
SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION Press Kit August 2006 pdf

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