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Precise measure of gas consumption in each area of the hospital

May 24, 2006

Dräger Medical is introducing the VoluCount™ gas measurement system. This system enables the consumption of all installed medical gases in each area of the hospital to be precisely measured. The advantages are obvious: Costs are easier to control and potential savings more readily identified. It is also easier to detect any leakages. In addition, the invoicing from private physicians becomes more transparent.

Rising cost pressures in healthcare are forcing hospitals to operate more like businesses. Many hospitals lease patient or treatment rooms to outside physicians. Critical to this relationship: An accurate overview of costs and especially pinpointing where these are incurred. It is the only way to ensure that invoices are transparent and precise. It can be an entire department or a single room: VoluCount records the gas consumption directly at shut-off valve for that area and identifies the type and quantity of gas used in every hospital zone.

To accomplish this task, VoluCount is simply integrated into the valve box of the gas management system control unit for the specific area. No additional installations are necessary. VoluCount can be connected electronically to the hospital’s central alarm management system. Measurements are sent automatically to the hospital’s control center.

VoluCount offers two different types of sensors, each covering a different measurement range (up to 50 or 450 l/min). To monitor gas flow, one sensor for each specific gas is used in the area control units. The sensors are calibrated for air, O2, N2O and air 8 bar. A menu provides access for resetting the counter for each gas and to adjust the alarm thresholds for monitoring flow. Integration into the area control unit allows only authorized individuals access to the control display.

Gas management systems serve as monitoring systems and ensure that medical gases are always available in the right quantity and quality. Area control units (valve boxes) monitor the gas pressure and vacuum in every hospital zone. A special alarm system also controls the supply of gases. If an alarm threshold is reached or the gas supply interrupted, the system triggers an alarm.

* VoluCount is not yet commercially available in the USA or Canada.

About Dräger Medical:

Dräger Medical AG & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment, the largest division of Drägerwerk AG (history dates back to 1889) and a 65:35 joint venture company between Drägerwerk AG and Siemens AG. The global Company offers products, services and integrated CareArea™ Solutions throughout the patient care process - Emergency Care, Perioperative Care, Critical Care, Perinatal Care and Home Care. With headquarters in Lübeck, Germany, Dräger Medical employs nearly 6,000 people worldwide.

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Precise measure of gas consumption in each area of the hospital

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