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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis e.V.

A few words about Ourselves
An Association presents itself

The Uses of information

Both economic and societal development and the development potential of the individual depend crucially on the availability and quality of information. Knowledge generated and collected passes through many separate stages before it flows into the research and decision-making process and thus becomes useable.

Documentalists and Information Brokers

Throughout this value-added chain people are employed who locate, obtain, prepare and finally communicate the globally-produced knowledge in the form required.

Dealing with the many different documents requires proficient specialists who understand and master the skills of document- and information-management. A large number of such specialists have joined the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis e.V. (DGI) - the German Association for Information Science and Information Practice - to consult with colleagues on questions concerning the practicalities of their profession, to receive training at the DGI´s conferences, and to study the DGI´s publications to keep abreast of current developments, new methods and procedures in their sector.

Information and documentation (I&D) are also the subject of research and instruction at colleges and other institutes of further education. Scientists train the next generation, contribute to further and postgraduate instruction and research new procedures and methods. For them too the DGI is a platform for communication amongst themselves, and through contact with practising professionals they are exposed to new areas of potential research in the daily work practices in I&D.

The Uses of the DGI

The procedures and methods of document- and information management are subject to dramatic change: new developments occur in ever decreasing timescales; the progress of electronification continues apace and will lead to fundamental changes in libraries and documentation centres. As ever more information becomes available, the quality of the data, professional indexing and distribution assume correspondingly greater significance. The jobs of documentalists and information brokers will assume a completely new form. The DGI is the vanguard that anticipates these developments and helps to convert them into practicable work procedures.


The current 1,900 - plus members - individual, corporate and sponsoring - come from all areas where knowledge is produced, media are researched and prepared for use, and where information is obtained and transmitted to others.

Whether you are a documentalist, an information broker, a librarian, an archivist, a specialist in communications or media, a journalist, an editor, a publisher or a bookseller, or whether you are involved with knowledge, knowledge processing, the retrieval, presentation or provision of information, the DGI represents a good "home". We should be happy to welcome you as a member. We offer a range of valuable (and tax-deductible) advantages.

The Goals and Missions of the DGI

  • the promotion of information science and practice
  • to be a communications forum for providers and consumers
  • promotion, image enhancement, and PR for the profession
  • the analysis and interpretation of policy and regulations governing the information profession
  • the planning and conducting of conferences
  • co-operating with national and international associations
  • conducting research projects
  • stimulating the use of electronic information media as a national awareness partner within the framework of the IMPACT programme of the European Commission.


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis e.V.

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