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Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie

MPI-Met is located in the university district of Hamburg, in walking distance to the beautiful city center. The major objective of its over 100 staff members, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD students is to undertake a system analysis of the Earth System dynamics with emphasis on the Earth Climate. More specifically, aim of the institute is to analyze the natural variability in the Earth system, and assess how the system is affected by changes in land-use, industrial development, urbanization, and other human-induced perturbations. Among the tools used by MPI-Met scientists are advanced numerical models that simulate the behavior of the atmosphere, the ocean, the cryosphere and the biosphere, and the interactions between these different components of the Earth’s system.

General Mission Objective

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology conducts pure and applied research on the Earth Climate. It´s staff members are dedicated to producing excellent and objective research results. As part of the Max Planck Society we see science as a means to gain knowledge, but also to develop options for the future of societies in Germany and elsewhere. Finding and educating young researchers is an important part to achieve these goals. The institute strives to make recognizable contributions to the perception of science in the society, to ensure the quality of the german research system, and to intensify national and international collaborations. The research results and prognoses from this institute are intended to guide the decisions of policy makers and company executives towards a sustainable Earth.

Specific objectives

25 years ago, when the institute was founded, concerns about the possible impact of human behaviour on climate met very little knowledge about the dynamics of the atmosphere. The three departments of the institute develop complex numerical models of the climate system compartments and couple them together. Experiments (e.g. using own instrumental developments in remote sensing) and model studies of climate processes including the chemical composition of the atmosphere lay the basis for continuous improvement of global 3-dimensional models, which can then be used to make predicitions for the future.

Recently, the institute has placed particular emphasis on the coupling aspect between the different climate compartments with the ultimate goal of creating a comprehensive Earth system model. This endeavor has led to further intensification of national and international collaborations. Large strategic research programs and interdisciplinary collaborations are becoming more and more important. In particular, the institute will strengthen its links to economic and social sciences.

The institute places significant emphasis on the publication of results in different complexity for various groups of our society using a variety of means and media. Only a well-informed public can act responsably to preserve our precious planet.


Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie

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