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About us:

seleon was founded in 1998 as a spin-off of the University of Freiburg. The company designs, develops and manufactures devices, hardware components, assemblies and software for medical technology and life science industries. We carry out or support the entire product development process - from conception to market launch.

The company currently has 80 employees in Heilbronn, Freiburg, Lübeck and Dessau. seleon is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certified according to medical product laws.

In July, 2007, TNI medical AG was founded as a spin-off by the founder of seleon, Michael Lauk. He became the CEO of the new company. That way seleon’s ideas become market-ready products and the sales are optimized.

seleon’s range of services includes electronics, sensor technologies, precision mechanics, software development, prototypes, manufacturing, design, industrial property rights, clinical studies and trials and international regulatory affairs and approvals.

seleon’s development team includes physicists, engineers from a range of specialized fields and IT specialists. All team members have extensive experience with interdisciplinary projects in the life sciences. Additionally, seleon’s experienced team of sales engineers works closely with the customers to optimally manage their projects.

The team's diversity means that the projects are managed smoothly and efficiently and it ensures top quality and cost-effective results at all levels of product development (research and development, design, industrial property rights, approvals, manufacturing, service).

seleon’s specialized knowledge in various scientific and technical fields, for example gas conditioning, medical imaging, data analysis, laser and piezo technologies, chemical analysis, lead to innovative and reliable solutions.

An important component of seleon's work is long-term partnerships with a network of international hospitals as well as well-known scientific and research institutions in Europe and in the USA.

These partnerships enable seleon to stay informed of cutting-edge technical and research developments. seleon’s managers and employees work together with top quality scientists on a daily basis.

Our innovations include:

TNI®20: Many people sleep poorly at night because they suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders such as snoring or sleep apnea. The positive pressure ventilation treatments that have been available up to now are often not accepted by patients. seleon successfully overcame the technical challenges and developed an important innovation in the area of nighttime home respiration: the TNI®20, the first "open" system which does not use a closed mask or nasal prongs - a considerable advantage for the patient!

Physiological measurement module: seleon has developed a module synchronizing the imaging with the ECG for the worldwide fastest CT-scanner, Somatom® Definition of Siemens Medical Solutions CT. During the CT data acquisition the seleon-module measures and analyses physiological data like the ECG, heart rate and a respiratory signal. The QRS complex is detected in real-time during the ECG monitoring and a trigger signal is sent to the CT-scanner. This ECG-controlled cardiac imaging offers a very robust diagnostic image quality, allows a heartbeat-controlled dose modulation and reduces the radiation dose significantly.

CPAP devices: Home therapies are an integral part of the treatment for patients with sleep-related disorders. seleon has designed, developed and manufactured CPAP respiratory therapy devices with a warm air humidifier for its client. One version of the device is equipped with the possibility to adjust the device to the optimal settings according to the patient’s breathing measurements. Cost-effective manufacturing was another important factor which needed to be considered. Additionally reducing the sound level was one of the biggest challenges of this project.


seleon gmbh
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