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Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Lasertechnik e.V.

WLT – German Scientific Laser Society
(Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Lasertechnik e.V.)

The German Scientific Laser Society (WLT) emerged from the former Scientific Working Group Of Laser Technology, a forum for interdisciplinary thinking and acting in laser technology. During the past few years, the formerly "loose" association of leading personalities from university and institute-bound laser research, which has existed for 10 years now, has developed into the most important committee for laser research in Germany, shaping its structure with regard to the key tasks of laser technology and laser research.

The formation of the WLT is a clear sign of a changed identity, meaning that the working group has developed into a society. However, the WLT should not be understood as an academic circle in an ivory tower. The memoranda presented to the public during the past year, which resulted from intensive co-operation with the automotive, electrical, and steel industry, show that the WLT has succeeded in facing the current research problems actively, together with industry.

Today, the WLT represents the complete spectrum of laser research and laser technology such as laser basics, laser source development, production engineering, material science, metrology, opto-electronics, and laser medicine. As one of the latest developments, the WLT aims at also representing the optical technologies in general, which are, along with laser technology, considered as "enabling technologies". In this respect, they have a strong effect on the overall technical progress. To this end, the use and dissemination of laser technology and the optical technologies by large as well as small and middle-sized companies is extremely important for the competitive edge of the German market. To ensure that this will be as successful in the future as in the past, co-ordinated efforts of scientific organisations and the industry, as well as supportive measures from publicly-funded programs are necessary. In the past, the potential for innovation and increasing productivity has been most effective where machine manufacturers and users developed industrially usable technologies and processes based on a sound scientific foundation. Therefore, the members of the WLT which are represented by the research institutes guarantee that the interdisciplinary dissemination of laser technology and the optical technologies will take place, and they ensure that despite the heterogeneous spectrum of laser research, the development of the next generation of laser technology and the optical technologies as well as their new applications will continue. To do so, they work together with companies and associations and serve as contacts to these groups.

The WLT membership is growing consistently, meeting the requirements of these constantly changing technologies and their conditions.

The main goal of the WLT is to support the scientific interests of laser technology and the optical technologies. This includes in particular:

Ø Identifying knowledge deficits and initiating the necessary scientific research.

Ø Supporting training and education of future researchers at scientific institutions.

Ø Supporting scientific exchange among people, institutions, associations, and other organisations working in this field.

Ø Making technology transfer easier.

Ø Representing the interests of laser technology and the optical technologies in public.


Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Lasertechnik e.V.
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