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Forschungszentrum caesar

caesar - center of advanced european studies and research - is a new type of private foundation with a capital endowment of its own and major organizational freedom. The foundation is using its capital gains to run a research center for natural science. It is geared to the technologies of the 21st century and is focusing on projects with market orientation. By choosing that legal and financial construction and specific orientation, the donors intended to open up new opportunities:
  • the research center are taking up seminal research topics on an interdisciplinary basis at the interfaces between information sciences and physics, chemistry, biology and medicine.
  • in competitive economies, basic research and product development increasingly proceed in tandem. Therefore, from the outset, major consideration is to be given to a topic’s market orientation with a view to its industrial application.
  • caesar is to develop and test new mechanisms for converting research results into industrial applications (innovations). This includes, among other things, the consistent protection of research results by patents, assistance in raising capital and operational support in setting up new businesses.
  • within its special framework caesar will be able to attract outstanding scientists without administrative constraints. An important goal is to have scientists from various disciplines from Germany and abroad work on a joint topic and to integrate industrial fellows into these teams.
  • scientists with entrepreneurial intent will receive support when setting up in business later on.
  • flexibility in the choice of topics and staff is to be ensured by imposing a strict time limit on the projects and by efficient project control, i. e., project management at the operational and strategic levels.
  • caesar is to be the nucleus of knowledge networks and it is to develop initiatives for cooperative activities with various science institutions and with industry in the region.
 research center caesar

 Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
 53175 Bonn

 Tel.: 0228/96 56-0
 Fax: 0228/96 56-111


 By way of example the founding committee has identified
 three broad topics for the initial phase:

Nanotechnology/Materials Science
Coupling of biological and electronic systems
Ergonomics in communications


Forschungszentrum caesar

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