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Deutsches Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information

DIMDI - Contributing to better health - for 30 years

DIMDI - the German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information - was founded in 1969 and is an institute within the scope of the German Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security (BMGS). DIMDI’s main task is to provide the interested public with quick and easy access to the latest information in all fields of the life sciences.

DIMDI - Single source for databases in the life and social sciences

After initially concentrating on health care and medicine, we have continuously expanded our services, also in cooperation with other institutions. Today, we can offer a broad collection of databases covering the entire spectrum of medicine. You can access DIMDIs databases via Telnet or WWW-Browser. We offer access to approx. 70 databases with a total of more than 100 million records.

DIMDI - Legal tasks

Within the scope of its legal tasks DIMDI has the responsibility to maintain and update the official German language versions of classifications and nomenclatures. Additionally DIMDI has the task to set up database-supported information systems for drugs according to the German Drug Law - Arzneimittelgesetz (AMG), see database AMIS-Öffentlicher Teil, for medical devices according to the Act on Medical Devices - Medizinproduktegesetz (MPG) and in the field of Health Technology Assessment and Evidence Based Medicine.

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Deutsches Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information

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