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The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is related to the Christian Democratic movement.Having emerged from the ’Society for Christian Democratic Education Work’ founded in 1956, it was named after the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic in 1964. We are guided by the same principles that inspired Adenauer’s work.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation offers political education, conducts scientific fact-finding research for political projects, grants scholarships to gifted individuals, researches the history of Christian Democracy, and supports and encourages European unification, international understanding, and development-policy cooperation.

Our annual budget amounts to around DM 200 million. We account publicly for our expenditures, and the careful management of our funds is scrutinised by Federal and Land ministries, courts of audit, and fiscal authorities.


Rathausallee 12
53757 Sankt Augustin
Tel: +49 (0)22 41 24 6-0
Fax: +49 (0)22 41 24 6-5 91

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