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Fachhochschule Deggendorf

The Learning Environment

The Fachhochschule Deggendorf is a newly founded, modern University of Applied Sciences situated in Lower Bavaria, the south-eastern part of Germany. The city of Deggendorf is relatively small (with about 35.000 inhabitants), but located conveniently on the motorway crossing A92/A3, next to the Danube river and nearby the Bavarian Forest. The city and its surroundings present numerous possibilities for skiing and sightseeing. There is much to see and to do round Deggendorf.

Getting to know your way around the campus is fairly easy as all of the buildings of the Deggendorf University are constructed around a central atrium, joined together in a parkland site just outside the city centre, right next to the Danube river.

The Fachhochschule Deggendorf first opened in 1994.

Its mission is to offer

  • High-quality education of practical relevance to the present and future needs of our changing society
  • Specialist short courses to meet the particular needs of industry and regional companies and special services to faciliate the technology transfer from research environment into industrial practice
  • An excellent student teacher ratio to intensify direct contacts and communication
  • International liaison to schools and individuals in countries all over the world and to faciliate international exchange and cooperation.

The FH Deggendorf departments are committed to equal opportunities, and particularly welcome female applicants.

German universities place great importance on international students and also welcome applications from persons with physical disabilities. As the university is committed to providing a suitable learning environment for all students, potential candidates are encouraged to visit the FH Deggendorf to meet staff before submitting an application.

Study facilities include:

  • Well-equipped library
  • State of the art computer provision
  • Well-equipped computer-design studios
  • Bright, comfortable seminar rooms


Fachhochschule Deggendorf
Edlmairstraße 6+8
94469 Deggendorf
Tel: +49 (0)991/ 3615-0
Fax: +49 (0)991/ 3615-297

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