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Universität des Saarlandes

Profile of the University

Saarland University currently has some 17,000 students and 2,000 members of staff (290 professors, 800 other academic members of staff and 900 non-academic employees).

It is a campus university with its main campus in Saarbrücken and the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital located in Homburg.

The University was founded in 1948 with French assistance. The special situation of the Saarland at that time - its partial political autonomy and its close association with France as a result of economic and monetary union - strongly influenced the early years of the University’s development.

The young university developed into a bilingual institution with a European orientation. The structures created at that time were able not only to endure the ensuing political changes but were capable of adapting to accommodate new ideas.

International orientation with a definite European character and the special relationship with France remain the characteristic features of Saarland University.

At Saarland University, cross-border cooperation is not just restricted to the crossing of geographical boundaries but is also reflected in much of the scientific and academic research and teaching that is performed beyond the conventional divisions of academic disciplines.

This interdisciplinarity is the approach most likely to bring forth the innovations of the future.

The latest initiatives at Saarland University include provision of the key interdisciplinary qualifications that companies are increasingly demanding, and, in particular, the provision of support for new businesses and enterprises which have been created or have developed from the University’s research activities.

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