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Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg

Success: The History of the TUHH

The TUHH is one of the youngest universities in Germany as well as one of the most successful. Between 1982 and today an attractive architectural ensemble was created on the TUHH campus in the south of Hamburg. The campus, with its modern buildings, fits most naturally into the surrounding parkland. With the combination of beauty and function the university has become a landmark in city-planning.

Research work started in 1980 and in 1982/83 lecturing followed. Today around 100 senior lecturers/professors and 1.150 members of staff (450 scientists, including externally funded researchers) work at the TUHH. With an average of 5.000 students the TUHH offers a uniquely high ratio of staff to students.

The park-like campus provides a multifaceted environment, inspiring both social and intellectual exchange. The atmosphere can be clearly described: young, innovative, unconventional, original and creative - ideal for the development of new ideas in engineering. The fundamental principles of the TUHH are unique in Germany; priority is given to research, interdisciplinary studies and innovation. Also central to our approach is a close working relationship with regional industries and, more recently, the achievement of international scale. The Leitmotiv we follow in our research, teaching and technology transfer is the development of technology for the benefit of mankind.


Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
21071 Hamburg
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