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Technische Universität Dresden

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The Dresden University of Technology (DUT) was founded in 1828 and is among Germany’s oldest universities of technology. The DUT is the largest university in the German state of Saxony, with more than 30 000 students and 4 500 employees, including about 480 professors.

The DUT’s 14 faculties cover a wide range of fields in science and engineering, humanities, social sciences and medicine. In addition to the wide range of studies available to students, the university offers 16 programs for international study. And in 1997/98 the DUT introduced the bachelor’s degree. Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in 12 fields in any of seven faculties. In addition, 11 offer master’s degree programs. In the winter semester of 1999/2000, the DUT introduced the country’s first distance-learning bachelor’s degree - available to students across Germany.

This wide spectrum of studies is further broadened by the DUT’s participation in the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), a system intended to make it easy to transfer course credits among participating European universities. The DUT is at the forefront of German universities in participating in the ECTS, with most of its departments part of the program. The DUT emphasizes interdisciplinary cooperation, and in both courses and research students participate early on in ongoing resarch.

And the DUT encourages researchers who make discoveries; it watches out for their legal rights and fosters the quick transfer of new technologies and discoveries to the marketplace. In recognition of the DUT’s emphasis on applications in both teaching and research, businesses have honored the university with ten endowed chairs.


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