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Folkwang-Hochschule Essen

Guiding principle

From its tradition and its embedding at the locations Essen, Bochum and Duisburg, the Folkwang Hochschule derives the claim to become the art academy in the Ruhr area . For that purpose it distinguishes each of its locations with an own offer on the highest level.

We educate young personalities with the aim to lead them to excellent professional competence , a broad educational view and a high degree in individuality and creativity . In doing so, we go into the changing artistic, medial and social demands. By the cross-linking with the cultural life of the Ruhr area , the students experience culture as an open scope of artistic, educational and scientific activity in the Folkwang Hochschule.

The Folkwang Hochschule is a place of interdisciplinary artistic and scientific research, theory and practice . By multidisciplinary and subject-linking work, by projects and the creation of new works, we put the traditional Folkwang-idea into practice.

In the area of conflict between tradition and modern age, the Folkwang Hochschule places a clear emphasis on innovative art forms and concepts . We develop courses of studies which deal with the changed job profiles and provide impulses for developing new artistic forms of expression. A contribution to the completion of the Folkwang-idea is the integration of fine and medial arts as well as aesthetic theory.

In the common intention of all academy members as to the realisation of these aims, the sustainability of the Folkwang Hochschule as an artistic educational institution of international status is expressed. To us, respect and tolerance as well as openness and artistic curiosity are ambition for our own work and learning objective of the studies.


Folkwang-Hochschule Essen
Klemensborn 39
45239 Essen
Tel: +49 (0)201-4903-0

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