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Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

The Otto von Guericke University was founded in 1993 and is one of the youngest universities in Germany. It has evolved from the former Otto von Guericke University of Technology, the Teachers Training College and the Medical Academy. With 9 faculties and nearly 10000 students it is gaining in importance as a centre of teaching and research just like Magdeburg, the state capital, which is developing into a town of business, science and culture. The university is member of numerous organizations and committees. .

The University is named after Otto von Guericke, the renowned son of Magdeburg, who got famous far beyond Germany for his pioneering research on the vacuum. In the tradition of this great scientist, philosopher and engineer, the university wants to teach and to do research and to continue his humane work.


In 62 courses of studies Magdeburg University offers optional education in different subjects and fields of specialization. Correspondingly, there is a whole variety of possible combinations among the offers of the faculties. Favourable study facilities and conditions, such as modernly equipped laboratories, test fields and clinics with high-end computer technology, an optimal ratio between teaching staff and students, and a profound technical education on a high theoretical standard as well as practice proximity are advantages which suggest a course of studies at Magdeburg University. The provision of single and double bedrooms in halls of residence is certainly another reason why to turn your attention to Magdeburg University.

Scientific Centre

Within the last years a significant change from applied to innovative fundamental University research could be observed. Due to the spread and variety of the disciplines, specializations such as the neurosciences, immunology, non-linear systems, new materials, processes and products, visualistics, social transformation as well as communication and culture have taken shape. Therewith the University creates potentials which decisively promote the economic and social development of the city and the state. However, also young academic disciplines like the Social Sciences and Economics have their influence on the new research profile of the university. Affiliated Institutes and the Technology Transfer Centre of the University as mediators between the University and the economy enable the enterprises to access the University research resources easily, thus strengthening their innovation potential.

The Hospital Complex of the University

The Hospital Complex of the University in the south of the city is - as the second location of the University - the training centre for 900 prospective doctors and at the same time a centre of medical support for the citizens of Saxony-Anhalt. As a "hospital of maximum health care" the Medical Faculty treats particularly serious symptoms. With its 1200 beds, the hospital complex of the University is the biggest hospital in the administrative district of Magdeburg. Every year more than 35 000 patients are admitted. Apart from this, numerous out-patient consultations are provided. Within the last years the centres and University hospitals of the Medical Faculty have increasingly concentrated on specialist care of the patients. In September 1995 the second cardiological centre of Saxony-Anhalt was opened on the campus of the hospital complex.

Great store is set by a close cooperation between students and faculty staff, something being favoured by the relatively small number of students.

Leisure Time Activities

The choir of the Magdeburg institutions of higher education, the Bigband, the student theatre group and the cabaret "Prolästerrat für Studienungelegenheiten" offer the students a lot of possibilities to take an active part in cultural activities besides the seriousness of their studies. But also the events of the students clubs are much sought after.

The sports centre of the University is open to all staff and students. About 60 kinds of sport are offered as leisure time or competitve sports. The University Sport Club USC is represented in the basketball and volleyball regional leagues and in the 2nd national league in chess. The annual events of the carnival club "OTTOJANER" e.V. are a highlight in the students’: life.


Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
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