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Universität Hamburg

The University Today

With approximately 38,500 students, the University of Hamburg ranges fifth in size among the institutions of higher learning in the Federal Republic of Germany. Corresponding to Hamburg’s view of itself as the "gateway to the world" the University with its diversity and traditions of subjects and educational offerings, sees itself as the "gateway to the world of knowledge". It has about 890 professors engaged in teaching and research, as well as an additional fulltime academic staff numbering 2,700. There are also approximately 6,800 technical and administrative employees. About 1,000 part-time academic instructors teach at the University, and an equal number of additional academic and other employees are engaged in individual research projects financed by parties outside the University. (Statistics as of 1999.)

The University is an institution of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, and it is financially maintained by the city. It has an annual budget of about 613 million euro, of which about 398 million are allotted to the University Clinic, which in turn has earnings amounting to 271 million euro as a result of the medical care it provides. Moreover, the University receives funds from outside parties (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/German Research Association, ministries of the federal government, foundations, industry) totalling 77 million euro annually. (Statistics as of 1999.)

The University is spread over 270 buildings (alone 120 occupied by the Faculty of Medicine). The centre of the University is its campus at Von-Melle-Park, which is situated close to the lake in the heart of Hamburg, the Außenalster, and which adjoins parts of the district of Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. Many more facilities belonging to the University are located in other parts of Hamburg.

Faculties: Protestant Theology, Law, Economics and Business Administration, Medicine, Social Sciences, Education, Languages, Literature and Media, Philosophy and History, Cultural History and Contemporary Culture, Oriental Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences, Psychology, Informatics and Sports Science and Human Movement.

Senate Institutions: Interdisciplinary Centre for Higher Education Didactics; Institute of Theatre, Musical Theatre and Film; International Tax Institute; Regional Computer Centre; Centre for Academic Further Education; Research Centre for Biotechnology, Society and the Environment; Centre for Marine and Climate Research.


Universität Hamburg
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