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Universität Regensburg

The Struggle for the University and Its Subsequent Development

First attempts to establish a university in Regensburg date back to 1487. Other attempts followed, but remained unsuccessful. Not until 1962 did the struggle of various groups and forces in Eastern Bavaria (most notably the Association of the Friends of the University, founded in 1948) succeed in establishing the University of Regensburg as the 4th full-fledged Bavarian university. 20 November 1965 marks the date of the groundbreaking ceremony for the first university building. In the fall of 1967 the university began functioning with three schools or faculties. Today the university comprises twelve schools, providing the full range of academic subjects except for engineering and technology, areas traditionally taken care of by the polytechnic schools (Fachhochschule) in Germany.

In the fall of 1996 the number of students at the University of Regensburg amounted to 16 682, about 89 % of whom stemmed from Bavaria. Dorms, some of which - like the campus as a whole - are especially suited for handicapped students, can accommodate up to 3500 students, making the University of Regensburg the university with just about the best student / dorm-facilities ratio in Bavaria.

The campus atmosphere and the short distances between buildings are conducive to a more efficient way of studying, resulting quite frequently in shorter terms of studies than at other universities. A well-stocked and well-sorted library holding more than 3 million volumes (that can be ordered by computer from an on-line catalog) and containing stacks that are in the process of being enlarged right now adds to the overall quality of the university.

The university’s attractiveness is due to some extent to the charm of the more than 2000 year-old city of Regensburg and the beautiful surrounding landscape. Leisure-time activities can draw on a multitude of cultural activities on campus. There are, for instance, eleven student theater groups performing regularly on campus, thus benefitting from the fact that the University of Regensburg is one of two universities within Germany that have their own theater.


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