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Fachhochschule Wedel 

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The Fachhochschule Wedel is the oldest private college in Germany. It was established in 1969 and is recognised by the state as a public utility and is unique in its structure. It has a modern efficient infrastructure and best contacts to industry and commerce at its disposal. The state, Schleswig-Holstein, covers an essential part of the costs incurred for a university place, including those costs associated with technical equipment and the lecture rooms.

With about 1000 students, there is the advantage of a small university of manageable size. Neither the climate nor the external appearance of the campus are ruled by anonymity and indifference towards the students; rather, there is a private atmosphere offering excellent study conditions.

Because of its private legal status, the university acts as a company would, which means it has to react smartly to new challenges, develop new "products" and steadily improve the existing ones. This can only be achieved via short decision paths and with minimal bureaucracy.

The Fachhochschule Wedel is an internationally orientated institution, therefore, it has co-operation contracts with several foreign partner university. This gives the students the chance to integrate into their studies a semester at a partner institution or even to gain a double degree.

The students share the costs of the university place by paying tuition fees. As a result, the will to learn and to perform is very strong on both sides, for students and as well as staff. On one hand, the staff treat the students as their customers and on the other hand, the students invest in their future. This creates an atmosphere in which performance is demanded and encouraged.

The courses are well-organised with a practical orientation. A complete year of business experience is integrated into the courses through an industry practical semester and a dissertation done within industry.

During the basic studies, knowledge is imparted mainly by lectures, whereas during the main studies, seminars, project studies, workshops, practical training, practice sessions and assistance are mainly used. Regular extra courses give the students a view beyond their normal study.

The Fachhochschule Wedel is proud that their graduates have a much better than average chance of finding a good job. In this context the Fachhochschule Wedel doesn’t claim to be elitist , but does show that investing in your education pays off for your future.


Fachhochschule Wedel 
Feldstraße 143
22880 Wedel
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