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Merz Akademie

Founded in 1918, the Merz Akademie is the only private state-registered university of applied arts in Germany today. The range of courses on offer comprises the 8-semester "Communication Design" course which, if successfully completed, gives students the title of "Diplom-Designer (FH)" [Diploma in Design] and the 3-semester "European Media Master" masters course, which is offered in association with nine other European universities and art and design academies. If this course is completed successfully, students obtain the title "Master of Art in European Media" awarded by the University of Portsmouth.

The Merz Akademie does not only train designers for the printing and electronic media in purely practical and formal, aesthetic skills. The analysis of current social processes and the exploration of potential future developments shall provide media designers with additional tools that will enable them to address their work with a sense of social responsibility.

The labor market is dwindling due to automatization and global production, and the much vaunted (but poorly prepared) leap into a "computer society" is being hastened by the unchecked development of electronic and digital technologies. We are therefore faced with social change of vast but still insufficiently explored dimensions.

High velocity networks and virtual scenarios are creating a new set of goods and values, preparations for which have so far been exclusively technological. Only
an incomparably more comprehensive, efficient and integrated education can successfully train the highly qualified "brainware" required to implement the most important task of the future: the meaningful exploitation of these technologies. It is imperative to produce "generalists" and initiators with highly developed interdisciplinary skills and cultural competence - both essential principles for the concept of a new kind of authorship in a newly-forming society.

In training media designers, the Merz Akademie approach takes account of social, cultural and public responsibility, simultaneously opening up prospects of completely new fields of professional endeavour.

Markus Merz
President, Merz Akademie


Merz Akademie
Hochschule für Gestaltung
Teckstr 58
70190 Stuttgart
Tel: *49 (0)711 268660
Fax: +49 (0)711 2686621

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