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Fachhochschule Kiel

Fachhochschule Kiel, University of Applied Sciences

"I know I won’t flounder, the intensive support I get here at FH Kiel, University of Applied Sciences, sees to it that I don’t. Here I can be certain that I won’t just be a face in the crowd or that I will be excluded from classes which are hopelessly overfilled. It’s simply great that the lecturers know the people they are teaching."

When, some time ago, Schleswig-Holstein’s government together with all the state-run Universities of Applied Sciences started up an advertising campaign, posters and brochures were distributed throughout the federal republic of Germany. In this advertising material, which incidentally was designed by students, FH Kiel was acclaimed as a modern institution of higher education in an industrial society. Praise indeed for the largest institution of its kind in Schleswig-Holstein! And with it we have confirmation straight from the mouths of the 5000+-strong student body from the six faculties that the degree programmes here are efficient. Surveys show that it doesn’t take graduates long to find employment.

FH Kiel first opened its doors on 1 August 1969. It was the result of the amalgamation of several state-run schools of engineering and other specialised institutions within Schleswig-Holstein. Indeed, the history of individual faculties goes back around 125 years.

Its central location is in Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein. Four of the six faculties are located on the new campus in the suburb of Dietrichsdorf directly by Kiel’s Baltic Sea estuary: Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Social Work and Health, and Business Management. The faculties of Civil Engineering and Agriculture are the outlying faculties and are located in Eckernförde (on the Baltic Sea coast) and Osterrönfeld (near Rendsburg, very close to the Kiel Canal) respectively.

Due to its size and the scope of the subjects students can take there, FH Kiel plays an important role in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and indeed it is the only University of Applied Sciences which can offer its full range of degree programmes. Its degree courses are customer-oriented and forward-looking, and cohort size usually remains at a manageable level, despite the overall size of the institution itself. There is a decided international slant to its degree programmes, underscored by such things as subject-related intensive language training (which can include subject lectures being held in the target language) as well as student study exchange programmes at any of the FH’s 100 partner universities covering 40+ countries.

FH Kiel’s dual degree programme is something special. Students participating successfully in this programme are awarded the degree from FH Kiel (Diplom) and the degree from the host institution abroad. And that without adding to the length of time studying. The Faculty of Business Management is particularly active in this field. Open-mindedness and tolerance towards foreigners and their cultures goes without saying at FH Kiel.

The profile elements of the individual courses at FH Kiel sets them very much apart from other similar courses in like institutions. All subjects have access to state-of-the-art information communications technology.

The high practical-orientation of all the programmes as well as the intensive and varied cooperation with regional industry and the harmonisation of courses to suit the labour market all form major facets of the courses on offer at FH Kiel. These are underscored by project work, placements and the completion of theses on-site, as well as regular careers days through which both students and employers can gain initial contact with each other.

FH Kiel has never and nor does it ever intend to rest on its laurels. This is evident from the latest developments in degree courses and subjects available. Degree programmes are of course continually up-dated. At the moment the interfaculty degree programme Multimedia Production is particularly popular. This was the first programme in which bachelor’s and master’s degrees were offered in Schleswig-Holstein (back in the academic year 1999/2000). These first and post-graduate degrees are modelled on international standards and take three plus two years respectively to complete. Other courses such as Internet Science and Technology, Master of Business Law, and Technology Management and Marketing have been very successful since they were launched in the year 2000. The joint degree in physiotherapy which was started up at the beginning of the academic year 2001/2002 is the only one of its kind in Germany; the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering started offering a modular degree course which combines a very strong industrial element in the summer of 2002.

FH Kiel has a central library, multimedia centres, an Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies, a centre for computer simulations as well as affiliated institutes for CIM technology transfer and continuing education, and a materials testing centre (in Eckernförde).

The Planetarium and the Observatory offer lectures, presentations and observation evenings to both the staff and the general public.

Technology transfer is an important facet of FH Kiel. A further affiliated FH institution, the Research and Development Centre, carries out joint research and development projects with firms.


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