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International School of Management (ISM) Campus Dortmund

A Profile of the International School of Management

The ISM sees it as its obligation to society to - support the freedom of research and instruction to the benefit of a democratic, tolerant and intercultural development of society, and - actively be involved in the critical design and modernization of the interaction between science, politics, culture and economics.

Given this responsibility, including the relationship…

…between students and the ISM,

  • the ISM is obliged to educate its students while taking their individual interests and abilities into consideration, and to encourage intercultural and social competencies by integrating interdisciplinary concepts.
  • the ISM will provide a degree program with high quality instruction and academic structure and the ISM will offer its students the benefit of an internationally-oriented degree with practice-oriented, academic depth and breadth and the opportunity to complete this degree as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

…between employees and the ISM,

  • the ISM defines itself as a learning organization, whose internal communication is characterized by a critical dialog between all members involved.
  • the internal processes, as well as strategic development, should be continuously examined by all employees and consequently changed for the better.

…between social institutions and the ISM

  • the ISM strives to achieve both active cooperation with and two-way knowledge transfer between the business world and academia.
  • the ISM strives to adapt to economic and social changes and to integrate these concepts necessary to the survival of companies into the education of its students.
  • innovation, flexibility and the integration of intercultural values are of the highest priority at the ISM.



International School of Management (ISM) Campus Dortmund
Otto-Hahn-Straße 19
44227 Dortmund
Tel: 0231.97 51 39-0
Fax: 0231. 97 51 39-39

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