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PhoxX® diode laser series for CW or modulated applications
LuxX® compact CW laser diode modules for biotech and industry
LuxX+® compact high-perfomance diode laser for CW or modulated applications
LedHUB – high-power LED light engine with up to 6 wavelengths
LightHUB® – compact beam combiner with up to 6 wavelengths
BrixX® diode laser for industrial and scientific applications
SOLE® – laser light engine with up to 6 wave-lengths SM fibre coupled

Omicron - Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH


Since 1989 Omicron has been developing, and producing innovative laser systems and LED light sources. The highly qualified team spe-cialized in customized solutions for applications like medicine, research, biotechnology, digital imaging and optical data storage as well as quality assurance and measurement engineering. The company is based in Rodgau, Germany.


Core Competencies

  • Development, production and sales of laser light sources of different wavelengths between ultra violet and infrared.
  • Development, production and sales of laser optical components and processes, optics and software modules.
  • Development and production of customized system applications and components.
  • Laser technical consultation and quality tests as a customer service.



PhoxX / LuxX / LuxX+ series
Compact high-performance laser diode modules for biotech and industry

  • Wavelengths from 375nm to 2080nm
  • High output powers at a compact design
  • Fast modulation and high stability CW operation
  • Electronic shutter function

BrixX series

  • Laser matching the specifications for special applications
  • Wavelengths from 375 to 2090nm
  • Optical output powers up to 2500mW
  • Analogue and digital modulation

BrixX PS – picosecond laser for spectroscopy, microscopy

BrixX HP – multi-mode diode laser for laser inspection and fotoluminescence

BrixX NB – narrow bandwidth diode laser for Raman spectroscopy


LightHUB / SOLE / LedHUB series
Laser combiner and laser and LED light engines

  • Up to 6 wavelengths can be combined
  • More than 30 different wavelengths are available
  • Coupled into polarization maintaining SM fibres
  • Direct analogue and digital modulation
  • Fast switching between the wavelengths


Omicron is developing and producing to DIN ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standard. With 25 years of experience there are hardly any limits in the application possibilities so that constantly new applications are being added:

• Biotechnology and life sciences
  - microscopy
  - flow-cytometry
  - DNA analysis

• Medical technology
  - photodynamic therapy

• Microlithography:
  - Pre-press (CTP)
  - Lab-On-Chip systems
  - DVD mastering

• Quality assurance and measurement
  - wafer inspection
- interferometry

• Science and Research
- Raman spectroscopy
and many more.

Omicron - Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH
Raiffeisenstraße 5e
63110 Rodgau

Telephone 06106 – 82 24 0
Telefax 06106 – 82 24 10


Omicron - Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH

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