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Fraunhofer-Institut Siliziumtechnologie

The Fraunhofer-Institut für Siliziumtechnologie (ISIT), Itzehoe, works on design, development and production of microelectronic components as well as on microsensors, microactuators and other components for microsystems technology. All devices of this kind can be delivered either being prototypes or customer specific series.
The institute is running together with the company Vishay Semiconductor Itzehoe GmbH a professional semiconductor production line. This line is used for the production of microelectronic devices (PowerMOS) and microsystems by Vishay as well as for R&D projects for new components and technological processes by ISIT.

In view of its current and future production and development activities, especially for automotive industries, ISIT is establishing a quality management system which is going to be ISO 9001 certified in spring 2003.

Further services offered by the institute are the analysis and development of technology pertaining to the quality and reliability of electronic assemblies as well as packaging and mounting technology for microsystems, sensors and multichip modules. A new activity is the development of advanced power-supply components for electronic systems.

The complete institute staff consists of about 150 employees.

Service Offers

From single components to complete systems ISIT, as a contract research institute, offers design, simulation and manufacturing to technology-oriented enterprises. As our customers, they specify the field of application of the desired products and the profile of requirements.
The execution of the tasks is accomplished in close cooperation with the client. After realisation of demonstration models and prototypes, the technology developed within the project will be transfered to the customer. Confidentiality of results and exchanged intellectual property is ensured.

The services of ISIT are especially very profitable for small- and medium-sized enterprises which cannot afford the big capital investments of a technological infrastructure. They can utilize the competence of the institute for development, testing and introduction of necessary technological innovations.

The close cooperation of ISIT with the nearby Innovationszentrum Itzehoe (IZET) allows additional services for start-ups and young companies: IZET provides office and laboratory areas, supports the finding of products needed by the market ,helps in preparing marketing strategies and informs about financial support.


For the ISIT activities at Itzehoe, a complete 150/200 mm silicon technology line in a clean room area of 2000 m² (Class 1) including a combined mini-environment- and SMIF-concept for 0.5 µm CMOS technology and microsystems technology is used. The equipment is in accordance to the latest state-of-the-art in semiconductor industry. For specific processes of microsystems and multichip module technology an additional clean room area of 450 m² (class 100) with appropriate equipment is existing.

Additionally, a laboratory area of 1500 m² is utilized for the development of chemical, biological and thermal processes as well as for electrical and mechanical characterization of components, for assembly and packaging as well as for development and testing of new polishing processes.


Fraunhofer-Institut Siliziumtechnologie

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