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BaumitBayosan GmbH & Co. KG

Two traditional businesses have joined to bring great new benefits to the construction industry.

This step presents an enormous challenge to us, as we both now have Europe in our sights! Nevertheless we will continue to keep our feet on the ground and not forget the deep roots of our own tradition – it is from here that we draw our inspiration to continually innovate, promote and carry new ideas and solutions.

I promise all our new and existing customers that we will also continue into the future, doing all within our power and imagination to ensure that you feel you are in good hands. BaumitBayosan.-not only the right products and systems, but also, the right people in a company with an upright and honest corporate culture."

"Building together" - Implicit in this simple motto is a great idea.
As BaumitBayosan we look forward to a joint future with our partners from the crafts and trades as well as from those engaged in the fields of architecture, historical building preservation and commerce. We mean "together" literally: We want to listen to our partners and understand their needs and in this way continue to develop better, more clever and appropriate solutions. "Building together" is a continual process, moving all parties involved onwards. "together" also has another aspect: inspiration and competence, embodied within Baumit and Bayosan in their own pasts, now fused together into a new dimension. A toast to working together!"


BaumitBayosan GmbH & Co. KG
Reckenberg 12
87541 Bad Hindelang
Tel: (08324) 921-0
Fax: (08324) 921-470

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