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The products built by the high-tech company WITTENSTEIN AG in Igersheim, Germany, are used wherever systems and parts have to be driven and controlled with the utmost precision. More than 800 men and women throughout the world develop, produce and market high-precision planetary gears, complete electromechanical drive systems and AC servo systems and servo motors. They are used e.g. in robotic systems, machine tools, the packagin industry, materials handling and process engineering, Formula 1 racing, paper and printing presses, medical technology, elevators without power room and in the aerospace and simulation industry.

Technological competence and innovative strength are the two key factors guaranteeing the success of WITTENSTEIN AG. The company´s central know-how and core competence are successively developed further with its fundamental orientation towards intelligent, mechatronic drive systems and the merger of micro and macro technologies. Trends are set and also promoted at a very early stage in development, production and sale of components. WITTENSTEIN products developed within the last five years account for 85 percent of the total turnover. Every tenth Euro is invested in research and development and 12 percent of the workforce is in this area.

Core competence

Innovative gear technology and general machining process
Gear and motor technology
Linear motion systems
Open and closed-loop control systems
Sensor systems and software
Simulation systems

Business Units of WITTENSTEIN AG:

alpha getriebebau GmbH: Precision planetary gear reducers, servo sizing software Cymex® and roomless elevator drives with integrated servomotor.
WITTENSTEIN motion control GmbH: Integrated electromechanical servo drive systems, linear and rotative. Intelligent devices of highest precision and dynamics.
WITTENSTEIN cyber motor GmbH: Research and sales of miniature AC servo motors for industrial applications. Features: high performance, density and reliability.
WITTENSTEIN intens GmbH: Research, manufacturing and sales of intelligent, innovative medical implants for orthopedic surgery and traumatology.
WITTENSTEIN bastian GmbH: Research, manufacturing and sales of innovative gear technology, i.e. Formula 1, aerospace and mechanical engineering.
WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation GmbH: Design, Development and Production of high performance and high efficiency actuation systems for the aerospace and simulation market.

  Facts and figures
Turnover 2004/2005: 116 Mill. € (+16%)
Turnover 2003/2004: 100 Mill. € (+17%)
Export rate: 60%
828 employees in Germany, 954 worldwide
Own WITTENSTEIN akademy (founded in 1999)
Subsidiaries/Agents: 60 subsidiaries and agents in 35 countries
10% of the annual turnover are invested in R&D, 12% of the workforce is in this area
Rate of apprentices: 11%
Management Board: Manfred Wittenstein (President), Karl-Heinz Schwarz (deputy), Klaus Spitzley
  Walter-Wittenstein-Strasse 1
97999 Igersheim
  Phone: +49 (0) 7931 93-0
Fax: +49 (0) 7931 493-200



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