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Fraunhofer-Institut Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung

Applied Research

The Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF focuses its research and development on the fields of Virtual Engineering, Logistics, Material Handling Engineering, Automation and Plant Engineering. Its contract research clients include the state, international industrial concerns, the service sector and small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the field of virtual technologies, the Fraunhofer IFF develops solutions for every stage in the process chain. The Virtual Development and Training Centre VDTC is a source of specialist know-how and high-tech equipment, providing integrated digital products from the initial idea to development, production and sales up through startup and operation. Work is focused on virtual engineering for the development of products, processes and systems, on varieties of FEM calculation, on virtual factory layout and assembly planning, on qualification and basic and advanced occupational training and on the creation of virtual-interactive manuals, spare parts catalogs and product documentation.

The IFF optimizes production facilities, production systems and logistics networks for shifting and highly complex production networks. The Magdeburg Fraunhofer Institute is a leading producer of RFID and telematics solutions for the identification, monitoring and control of flows of goods. The LogMotionLab is one of Europe’s best equipped RFID labs for the development, testing and certification of typical industry applications. Intelligent monitoring solutions, decentralized information storage on objects and the linkage of information flows and flows of goods make tamper-proof identification of objects, secure chains of goods and their complete documentation possible.

In the field of automation, the Fraunhofer IFF has extensive expertise in the development of automated and robotic systems. Work is focused on service robots for inspection and cleaning, on automated systems for the life science, manufacturing and logistics sectors and on robotics for entertainment and training. In order to advance concepts of automation, the Fraunhofer IFF produces measuring and inspection systems and integrated sensor systems, optical measuring systems and industrial imaging in manufacturing processes. Sensor systems and systems for capturing and processing measured values are the tools for digital mapping of real parameters and consequently a prerequisite to automated processes.

Thermal plants for the recovery of energy from biomass and waste, fluidized bed technologies, process simulation and solutions for efficient plant operation are key aspects of the work in the field of process and plant engineering. With technologies for converting and generating energy, the Fraunhofer IFF is undertaking research in a sector with great potential for the future.

The Fraunhofer IFF belongs to national and international research and business networks and cooperates closely with Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg as well as other regional colleges and research organizations.


Fraunhofer-Institut Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung

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