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Fraunhofer-Institut Physikalische Messtechnik

The Fraunhofer institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM develops and implements measurement processes and systems, sensors, microsystem components and chips as well as solutions for digital exposure.

The institute develops specialized equipment for the printing, film and photographic industries such as rapid, high-resolution exposure systems incorporating lasers or LEDs for printing plates, photographic paper or cinema film. Integrated optical components and controllable optical devices find applications as modules in optical storage and communications technology.

Another of the Institute´s major focuses lies in the development of laser spectroscopy systems that Instruments developed on the basis of semiconductor gas sensors and spectroscopic processes permit highly sensitive analysis of gases and liquids.

The Fraunhofer IPM also provides DNA-analysis and immune-response sensor systems for medical diagnostics and for the food industry. The Fraunhofer IPM designs sensor systems for medical diagnosis and for the food industry. Its activities in the optimization of engines for the automotive and rail industries rely on optical techniques.

In the field of railway test and maintenance, the Fraunhofer IPM develops, produces and installs a variety of measurement systems for the condition-oriented maintenance of overhead lines and the permanent way.

For use in industrial production the Fraunhofer IPM develops automated measurement and testing processes. Optical, non-contact systems are used for the measurement of diameters, profiles or clearances and for the detection of surface defects.

The Fraunhofer IPM develops satellite- and aircraft-borne systems, e.g. for measuring solar radiation and its effect on the Earth´s atmosphere. For the qualification of components suitable for use in space, e.g. for optical data transmission, the institute designs and implements test systems.

Through development work on thermoelectric materials and microsystems, the Fraunhofer IPM offers solutions for sensor technology, microrefrigeration and microengineering technology.

Services offered by the Fraunhofer IPM include the customization of standard measuring instruments to meet specific requirements and the characterization of optical components. The Institute´s core competencies lie in the fields of optics, optoelectronics, thin film technology, thermoelectric engineering and systems engineering.


Fraunhofer-Institut Physikalische Messtechnik

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