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Software AG

Software AG
Uhlandstrasse 12
D-64297 Darmstadt
Phone: +49 6151 92-0
Fax: + 49 6151 92-1191
Karl-Heinz Sreibich, CEO

Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, provides a full range of products and services to deliver a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) IT infrastructure, based on over thirty-five years experience in high-performance databases, application development tools and integration technologies. Its technology offers process driven integration through legacy modernization and realtime single views of strategic business information. Software AG helps its customers to achieve a competitive advantage through flexible and adaptive business processes based on fast and easy integration of existing IT assets. It supports the mission-critical systems of over 3,000 customers globally. Software AG is represented in around 60 countries with more than 2,600 employees. It is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (TecDAX, ISIN DE 0003304002 / SOW). In 2004 Software AG posted €411 million in total revenue.


Over the last 35 years, Software AG has developed an excellent reputation and established itself at the heart of many customers’ IT systems. In an ever challenging market, Software AG has focused on 2 core product lines that address both today’s and tomorrow’s business problems:

Enterprise Transaction Systems
XML Business Integration

Enterprise Transaction Systems

With its Adabas (database) and Natural (development tools) products, Software AG offers its customers high-performance databases and the ability to modernize their enterprise systems. This is accomplished through optimizing and extending mission-critical systems with technologies that enhance performance and open applications to new environments such as the Web and e-business applications. Thanks to its Enterprise Transaction Systems product line, Software AG has reached a key position at some 3,000 large corporations and public sector organizations worldwide. These enterprises protect their IT investment by looking to Software AG as the partner of choice for mainframe modernization.

XML Business Integration

Software AG has combined its XML (Tamino™ XML Server ) and process integration (EntireX, ApplinX) technologies to create a single XML Business Integration suite. It enables users to integrate their existing applications and data into new business processes. This type of integration gives enterprises efficient ways to simplify application maintenance, reduce processing costs, capitalize on existing investments and re-purpose information. As a result, Software AG’s XML Business Integration customers enjoy maximized business value and high return on their IT investment. Furthermore, Software AG extended its integration business to include organizational processes. Business Process Management (BPM) involves continuously improving organizational process efficiency along the full value chain.


Software AG underlines its customer-driven philosophy by operating in 3 defined regions. Each region is driven by a strong country organization with a solid, established market presence. Close cooperation between the regions and headquarters facilitates increased responsiveness to local customer requirements. Individual country organizations benefit from a strong support network at a regional level with the entire corporation benefiting from this sharing of knowledge and skills. All regional managers are members of the Executive Board.

Press Releases

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For further information please contact: Software AG | Corporate Communications | Uhlandstraße 12 | D-64297 Darmstadt | Tel.: +49 6151 92-0 | Fax: +49 6151 92-1191 |



Software AG

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