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Fraunhofer-Institut Silicatforschung

Innovative products often cannot be realized until new materials are developed. Traditional materials seldom fulfill the high demands, especially in terms of the combination and variation possibilities. This is where the Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC, Würzburg, goes to work: Starting from expertise in non-metallic inorganic materials (ceramics) and hybrid, inorganic-organic polymers (ORMOCER®s) we develop new materials and optimize existing ones.

This material engineering, including the requisite manufacturing technology, and the characterization of materials and surfaces at the ISC are of interest to a great variety of industries, especially in the fields of optics, traffic engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, packaging, glass and ceramics.

Preliminary products are created, preferably through processes of chemical synthesis. One point of focus is the synthesis of materials from liquid precursors (sols) with a defined composition. Hybrid sols for example are used for coatings, with which wear and corrosion protection, barrier effects (packaging) and decoration are achieved. With functional ceramic layers, ionic and electronic conductivity and ferro- and piezoelectric effects can be utilized. Sols with a high proportion of solid material are used to produce functional and structural ceramic fibers, compact materials (especially for applications in medical technology) and composite materials.

The material technology facilities are equipped with industry-compatible equipment for coatings and fibre extrusion. Analysis of the characteristics of materials is performed to shed light on the relationship between structure and characteristics, and serves as a tool for the optimization of materials. The Institute is equipped with all necessary physical and chemical processes. A major focus of work, with the aim of process optimization, is on in-situ measurement of changes in the properties of materials during sintering and melting processes. The Technology Centre for Surface-refined Products (T_O_P) was established to enable the results of development work on inorganic and hybrid coatings to be converted efficiently into industrial applications.

T_O_P Oberflächen GmbH in Würzburg is one of our partners for the technological implementation of coatings based on ORMOCER®s and the supply of ORMOCER® lacquers


Fraunhofer-Institut Silicatforschung

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