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Fraunhofer-Institut Experimentelles Software Engeneering

The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE undertakes research and development in the fields of innovative software design approaches, quality and process engineering, software product lines, continuous improvement and organizational learning.

To prepare software designers and users for the current and future challenges of information technology, the Institute devises new techniques, methods, processes and tools which provide a professional approach to software engineering.

The Fraunhofer IESE thus offers the knowledge and instruments to make software development processes plannable and to bring software products to commercial maturity. With its broad portfolio of services, the Fraunhofer IESE serves companies of all sizes in all sectors of industry.

Contracts come from companies operating in sectors where the quality of products and services depends heavily upon the quality of the software utilized - such as car manufacturing, telecommunications, transport, commerce, banking and insurance, software products.

The services offered comprise not only case-by-case consultation and the setting up of innovative software engineering structures and processes (learning software organization), but also the introduction of continuous improvement programs and the selection, adaptation, testing and introduction of innovative approaches to software development.

Particular attention is paid to the growing shortage of software experts. By widening its range of services for retraining and further education, the Fraunhofer IESE supports the integration of entrants from other professions, secures jobs and helps companies to overcome personnel shortages.

The Institute employs a permanent staff of more than 100. This number is expected to grow to around 108 by the year 2003.


Fraunhofer-Institut Experimentelles Software Engeneering

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