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Fraunhofer-Institut Betriebsfestigkeit

"Time to market" is the challenge of our time. Globalization, expediting developments, satisfying regulations and safety standards require thorough design analysis and design optimization. The Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability LBF, as a partner of industry, commerce, and regulatory organizations, is oriented in developing and enhancing the fundamentals of design and dimensioning and optimizing complex structures and systems under variable loading conditions. Based upon more than sixty years of experience, it possesses the competence required for today´s demands.

The major focus of our present research is on minimizing test time and cost for demonstration of the reliability of products. This will be done by fatigue life laboratory tests of structural components and complex structures, by minimizing required load cycles for experimental simulation, and by increasing integration of computational methods in order to reduce experimental efforts.

Serviceability and service life of the products are improved, material and production costs are reduced, and development and test times are minimized, guaranteeing on-time marketing. Furthermore, product reliability is increased, reducing and minimizing liability and warranty claims, economic and social regulations for safe operation are satisfied, and resources are utilized responsibly.

Our mission is to develop and provide methods and procedures for improving design and manufacturing of machinery, vehicles, industrial equipment, and buildings in regard to strength and fatigue behavior under normal operational conditions, in regard to material, weight, and service life, and in regard to costs of manufacturing, operation, and maintenance. Our partners are individual companies, industrial associations with a wide variety of branches, and governmental organizations within the European Union and worldwide.


Fraunhofer-Institut Betriebsfestigkeit

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