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EMAG head office in Salach/Germany

Think Vertical: VL Pick-up Turning Machines

VL 3 DUO – Twin-Spindle Turning Machine for the highly productive manufacturing of chucked parts

EMAG is the world’s most important manufacturer of CNC vertical turning machines.

EMAG GmbH & Co. KG


The EMAG Group was the first manufacturer to produce vertical pick-up turning machines and is still the dominant player in the market. Today, the EMAG Group supplies machines and manufacturing systems for the machining of chucked, shaft and cubic workpieces using a wide range of manufacturing technologies. Whether you need turning machines, grinding machines, gear cutting machines, laser welding machines, machining centers or electrochemical machining, the EMAG Group has the perfect manufacturing solution for almost every application.

The company has a rich history and uses its experience to supply customers with customized and innovative manufacturing solutions while maintaining a high level of quality. The EMAG Group includes a wide range of technology, making it the perfect partner for implementing complete process chains for the manufacture of gearbox, engine and chassis components and also can provide solutions in the energy, agriculture & earth moving, oil field and aerospace sectors. Flexibility, speed and proximity to the customer ensure our unique position among our competitors.



  • Turning Machines – Vertical Pick-up Turning Machines and Machining Centers
  • Grinding Machines – Universal, internal and external cylindrical grinding
  • Machining Centers – Machining Centers for complex components
  • Gear Hobbing Machines – Vertical and horizontal gear hobbing machines
  • Chamfering and Deburring Machines – Chamfering and deburring with cutting-edge technology
  • Pipe and Coupling Machines – Machine concepts for flexible threading of pipes and coupling
  • Laser-Welding Machines – Welding of advanced materials
  • ECM / PECM Machines – Electro-chemical machining
  • Joining Machines – Heat shrink assembly technology
  • Hardening Systems – Modular Induction Systems
  • Automation Systems – The TrackMotion automation system

The EMAG Group's brands and their technologies:

EMAG – Turning, milling, drilling

REINECKER – Internal precision grinding

KARSTENS – External cylindrical grinding

KOPP – Camshaft grinding

NAXOS-UNION – Crankshaft grinding

KOEPFER – Gear hobbing

EMAG Automation – Automation Components, Joining & Laser welding

EMAG ECM – Electro Chemical Machining

EMAG eldec – Induction Hardening



EMAG GmbH & Co. KG
Austrasse 24
73084 Salach
Tel: +49 7162 17-0
Fax: +49 7162 17-4820

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