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Malvern Instruments GmbH

Systems, services and solutions for particle characterization and rheology

Malvern - one vision

Malvern is a leading supplier of instrumentation systems that apply advanced technologies for the accurate characterization of particle and material properties.

Long established as a world leader in laboratory-based, on-line and at-line particle analysis, Malvern extended its areas of expertise in 2003 with the addition of rheological property measurement to its portfolio of systems and services. This highly complementary competence enhances Malvern’s ability to meet the complex and exciting challenges involved in the characterization of modern materials.

The information provided by Malvern systems is critical to product developers and QA/QC functions across a very wide range of industries, coupled with a growing demand by production and process engineers for in-process characterization.

Malvern delivers a competitive edge in research, development and production. Specialist, in-depth technical and application support, delivered by Malvern experts, provides users with the knowledge and skills that enable them to get the most from every system.

Malvern’s solutions now include the following technologies: laser diffraction, image analysis, zeta potential, static and dynamic light scattering and strain and stress controlled rheometry. These technologies support measurement of the following physical properties: particle size distribution, zeta potential, particle shape, molecular weight and rheological properties.

Malvern particle characterization and rheology products

Malvern Instruments is a leading supplier of particle characterization systems that apply advanced technologies such laser diffraction, Zeta potential and sub-micron particle size measurement, Non-Invasive Back-Scatter (NIBS®) optics and Image analysis.

Appropriate technologies

The Malvern Instruments product range encompasses laser diffraction systems for laboratory and on-line particle sizing in solids, liquids, slurries and aerosols.

Zeta potential and sub-micron particle size measurement are combined in systems that allow the comprehensive analysis of suspensions and emulsions.

Image analysis is used for highly sensitive particle shape and size analysis in dry powders, suspensions and emulsions.
Non-Invasive Back-Scatter (NIBS®) optics in the Zetasizer Nano series make possible high sensitivity and high concentration measurements in a single system.

Stress and strain controlled rheometers, rotational viscometers and capillary rheometers are used to measure the rheological properties of suspensions, dispersions, emulsions, gels, polymers and solid-like materials.

The CGS-3 is a compact goniometer that has been designed to enable the simultaneous measurement of static light scattering (SLS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS) parameters.

Particle characterization and rheology education center

As a worldwide leader in the specialized field of particle characterization and rheology, Malvern recognizes its responsibility to share its expertise and experiences solving real life industrial product and process problems with its global customers.

With its headquarters in the U.K., and Malvern centers of excellence in the U.S., Germany, France and in Sweden, Malvern is well placed to support its growing customer base.

We are proud to share the knowledge and experience of our renowned scientific and engineering staff in many ways, many of which are available in this web site, in the pursuit of furthering the science of particle characterization and rheology. With the various methods of communication shown below, we are able to offer learning and training opportunities to our customers no matter where in the world they are located.

Particle Characterization and Rheology Knowledge Base

Our extensive library of technical documents, application notes, white papers and technical articles on particle analysis, sizing and rheology are available for download.

Live, web-based seminars

Listen to our technical presenters (and guest presenters from academia and industry) give live web-based presentations on virtually all subjects relating to various aspects of particle characterization and rheology. All you need is a telephone and an internet connection - and you can learn and interact with the experts.

"On demand" multimedia presentations

If you have a multimedia equipped PC that allows audio, you can view pre-recorded web seminars and other technical presentations - at your convenience.

Malvern’s seminar series

Check the schedule for the time and place of the next seminar near you, and learn of the latest techniques for particle characterization and rheology techniques used in a variety of industries.

User training classes

Primarily for existing Malvern users, these classes are great opportunities for learning from the experts how to get the most from your Malvern particle analysis, sizing and rheology instrumentation.


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