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Graphic interpretation of Airnergy climatic health resort

Airnergy headquarters at Hennef near Bonn

Airnergy Avant Garde. Design Edition ‘Cristal’

Professional Plus. The classic version by Airnergy

Formula I champ Jenson Button using his special edition by Airnergy



Airnergy. 10 years of company history – medical health care technology to complement respiration, made in Germany

It is exactly 10 years since Airnergy, headquartered at Hennef, Germany presented a revolutionary invention to the domain of natural and complementary medicine: a small apparatus to considerably improve the energy intake when breathing. The novelty should be able to optimize the oxygen utilization of cells and thus have positive effects on many body functions, especially to well being and a better sleep behavior. This is of great importance because human beings exhale unutilized about 75 % of the inhaled oxygen, our most important source of life and healing.

Experience has shown that skin irritations, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, migraine and even pulmonary emphysema and COPD may be eased. After physical strain, regeneration is said to be encouraged. Revolutionary: Airnergy supplementary air technology (in medical terms Spirovitalization or Spirovital-Therapy) neither works with additional oxygen nor additional substances, as do conventional oxygen therapies. It is the aim of the Airnergy method to facilitate and to optimize the oxygen utilization of body cells (Utilization) and not to increase the oxygen uptake (VO2max).

In 2000, Airnergy Corp. was greeted with smiles when first introducing onto the market its energy source as handsome as a briefcase. Incredible. Via a light weight nasal canula the user was related to the Airnergy apparatus and breathed in air enriched with natural energy. Just about 20 minutes should be enough to obtain positive results. Today, millions of users worldwide use the Airnergy-therapy. Even orthodox medicine complementarily applies the Airnergy respiratory technology to reduce, for example, undesirable side effects of medication or other therapies.

Small climatic health resort officially certified

Airnergy Corp. has commissioned numerous scientific studies. In series of tests persons in good health breathed in air processed by the Airnergy- technology. Scientists were able to substantiate a number of positive changes. The peakflow, the exhaling-improvement for example could be improved while respiratory- and pulse frequency where reduced. Both observations are indicators for a remarkable optimization of the oxygen-utilization. Professor Kuno Hottenrott at Halle Martin Luther University carried out another study with young sport students in good health. Heart rate variability (HRV) showed that Airnergy may be able to improve the regulatory capacity of the autonomic nervous system in the entire organism. As a consequence of this scientific evidence and the clinic valuation by Dr. med. Klaus Jung, university professor, the Airnergy technology is officially recognized as certified Medical Product. Rehab-clinics, medical practices, companies that estimate their employees, fitness- and cosmetic studios and more and more private households use the Airnergy method.

Formula I champ 2009 Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello, rely on Airnergy. Well-known German football coaches Ewald Lienen and Ottmar Hitzfeld and his wife do the same. Pop idol Herbert Grönemeyer expresses his feeling that Airnergy is able to both freshen and calm.

Airnergy. Energy at its best

“We go on improving our handsome health care system”, comments Guido Bierther, founder and chairman of the supervisory board of the ISO-certified manufacturer. “The expectations of our clientele with regard to efficiency do vary, but we do, of course, offer the right solution for everybody. Now, in 2010, we are proud of our design edition Avant Garde (Fig. 3). But still, we are a small company hoping for an increasing confidence into the quality of Airnergy breathing-air that, normally, can be found only in the most beautiful places of our world”.

“Airnergy is more and more accepted by the market. In this anniversary year 2010 our company has had one of the important nominations of the European Health & Spa Awards. The Category: “Best technical product innovation”.
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