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Heating on the basis of Direct-Heating-Technology D.E.T.®

As the founder of the Direct-Heating-Technology D.E.T.®,
DIRECTTECH stands for the most innovative future- oriented heating technology which creates your optimal atmospheric environment through harmonizing of HIGH TECH and nature. Drastically reduce your Co2 emissions and save 40% of your heating costs.

Physical Fundamentals

SUNLINE PRODUCTS work with the long wave infrared or the better known Far Infrared which has the same frequency with which the sun warms our planet. Photons in this frequency (energy) charge the atoms and heat is emitted. This radiation process heats up our living and working sphere’s, in the same way as the sun warms the earth.

The main advantages

SUNLINE PRODUCTS are outstanding in its economical efficiency, in comparison to other heating systems.
  • Low investment
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance charges
  • Low working cost
SUNLINE PRODUCTS are flexible in application and can be used as an additional heating or as a complete heating system. High Tech-elements are available in different types of design and function.

SUNLINE PRODUCTS can be used in humid and/or moist rooms and are passed by TÜV.
  • Safety class 1
  • IP54
SUNLINE PRODUCTS create a comfortable healthy room climate at a natural humidity with the convenience and speed of radiated warmth.
  • With FAR infrared you feel warm at 2-3°C lower air temperature as by a convectional heating system
  • Less heat loss with open window/door
  • Air is not warmed (as by convectional heaters) so no warm air streams, minimal difference in temperature ceiling to floor > dust is not raised through air circulation
  • People with asthma or allergies feel the difference
The design of the SUNLINE Products is versatile. It varies from the unremarkable integration in your interior design up to the presentation as an eye-catching design product, all this is possible. Numerous versions of material and design leave nothing to be desired. You have the choice, it´s up to you!

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