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ASPIRAS Project Consulting in Pharma and Biotech

A young team of experts has joined forces under the umbrella of ASPIRAS to offer pharmaceutical knowhow based on theory and practice, project management knowhow and financial expertise. Together with clients ASPIRAS analyses and evaluates specific issues, manages projects and takes care of the implementation of custom-made concepts.

ASPIRAS gives advice and assists you in achieving your goals.

Company profile

The ASPIRAS team is characterised by a long-standing practical experience in pharmaceutical industry and specialist knowhow in pharma and biotechnology. ASPIRAS finalises projects effectively and efficiently and has a broad network of contacts from previous experience. Analytical capability, drive and creativity are further characteristics of the work style of ASPIRAS.

Together with ASPIRAS projects are progressing, synergies are exploited and profitable alliances are built.

Customers‘ profile

When contracting out to ASPIRAS pharmaceutical companies are buying knowhow without increasing their fixed costs. Therefore pressing projects can be finalised and implemented. The ASPIRAS offer is also aimed at German and international biotechnology companies active in the area of pharmaceuticals or diagnostics. Scientists are supported by ASPIRAS for business start-up activities and economic exploitation of their inventions.

M&A consultants, venture capital firms and banks can profit from the specialist knowhow of ASPIRAS in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological area.


Johnson & Johnson/MSD Consumer Pharmaceuticals Europe, Nycomed Pharma, Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals, Asta Medica, Fraunhofer-Verbund Life Sciences


The economic and scientific evaluation of products, projects and portfolios up to business development are part of ASPIRAS’ offer as well as projects regarding a new strategic.perspective. ASPIRAS is offering all parts of project management including soft skill aspects. Support in operations and administration and organisational analysis make the product range of ASPIRAS complete.



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ASPIRAS Project Consulting in Pharma and Biotech

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