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Maligne Lymphome

Competence Network Malignant Lymphomas: Research and Health Care for the Benefit of Lymphoma Patients

Malignant lymphomas are diseases of the lymphatic system comprising Hodgkin lymphomas, non-Hodgkin lymphomas, chronic lymphatic leukaemias and other minor entities. Symptoms of malignant lymphoma may be enlarged lymph nodes or a swelling of the spleen, fever, night sweat, unintended loss of weight or a general immune deficiency. In Germany, about 20,000 persons per year are diagnosed with malignant lymphomas. The etiology of the diseases is not yet known.

Aims: Best Treatment and Information

The leading German research groups and health care facilities in the field of malignant lymphomas have joined forces in the Competence Network Malignant Lymphomas. The cooperation aims to improve communication between scientists, health care professionals and patients, and to accelerate the transfer of the latest scientific findings into primary health care, thereby ensuring the best treatment options and information for any lymphoma patient.


The results of the German lymphoma study groups have led to significant progress in the diagnosis and therapy of malignant lymphomas over the past few decades. Within the network, the study groups are working together with professionals in hemato-oncology, pathology and radiotherapy, and with scientists, statisticians and computer specialists. In order to address patients’ questions and to include their needs into the research projects, patients, patients’ advocates and self-help groups are also involved in the network.

Communication, Quality Management and New Therapies

Based on the findings of the German lymphoma study groups, the individual projects mainly explore topics which are best addressed in a close interdisciplinary collaboration. These include development and implementation of a computer-based communication infrastructure for lymph node pathology and radiotherapy, analysis of epidemiological and health-economical data, or systematic reviews of medical publications on malignant lymphomas. The network is mainly active in the field of information and communication, quality management and evidence-based medicine, as well as in the evaluation and development of new therapies.


Maligne Lymphome

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